Bartolucci's Briefcase

1 Tony Bartolucci as special guest on Dr. James White's Dividing Line program discussing Francis Beckwith's reversion to the Roman Catholic Church - March 17, 2009 (audio file) MP3
2 Greg Bahnsen on Roman Catholicism (audio file) MP3
3 Greg Bahnsen versus Gordon Stein (audio file) MP3
4 Transcript of a sermon by John MacArthur, "The Pope and the Papacy" (PDF document) PDF
5 Transcript of Francis Beckwith being interviewed by Greg Koukl on the latter's Stand to Reason broadcast (PDF) PDF
6 Why Judaism Rejected Homosexuality (Dennis Prager) (HTML) HTML
7 John MacArthur versus R.C. Sproul in a friendly debate over the mode of baptism (audio file) MP3
8 Jason Engwer's "catholic, but not Catholic" Early Church Father's compliation (God's blessings to Jason for compililng this data and making it freely available) ZIPFILE
9 Great Bible Teaching (these are huge files) GREAT1
10 Church Lady: Reverand Shirely leaves a message on the church answering machine objecting to our sign maquee reading "Under the Same Management Since 1816" MP3
11 Article: The War Within: The Anatomy of Lust (Leadership Magazine, Fall 1982) PDF