C.H. Spurgeon Sermon Note

In 2005 I acquired a hand-written Spurgeon sermon note page. These were certified, sold, and commissioned by Spurgeon College in England. The page I own is page 32 from a sermon on Hebrews 7:20-22 preached at the Metropolitan Tabernacle on May 1st, 1881 (one hundred years to the month before I graduated from high school).

Spurgeon would preach from a short outline and transcribers would write down what he said as he preached. Thus, the majority of the writing on the note (in black ink) is that of the transcriber, not Spurgeon.

It was Spurgeon's practice to go over his notes each Sunday night, making changes in purple ink for the final draft that was to be published shortly thereafter. That writing on the note is from Spurgeon's own hand.

My display features that annotated sermon note, a copy of the corrected text from the original publication, and a facsimile autographed picture of Spurgeon.

For the most extensive collection of Spurgeon's works on the web, see my friend Phil Johnson's Spurgeon Archives.

May 1, 1881 Annotated Spurgeon Sermon Note (page 32)

The framed display

Spurgeon note matted and framed

A close-up of the sermon text, date and title

Spurgeon Hebrews text

A close-up of Spurgeon's handwritten and annotated sermon note page

Spurgeon annotated note

The final published text

Spurgeon sermon text

Lastly, a picture of the man himself

Spurgeon picture