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Systematic theology has long been my favorite field of study. I have always wanted to teach theology on a more formal basis, and the opportunity to do so opened up for me in 2004 when the inner-city school, Rochester Institute of Christian Education, or RICE, accepted me as one of their adjunct faculty, a position I reluctantly surrendered in 2007.

The links below are to PDF files of my annotated teaching outlines.

These materials are available without contact to the brethren at Clarkson Community Church, RICE, and my friends. If anyone outside of this circle would like to use these materials in whole or part I only ask that you contact me first (TB@USA.COM).

Systematic Theology One:

God's Greatness in Word, Person, and Creation

This section includes:

These notes are still under construction, but are pretty much complete through the attributes of God.

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Systematic Theology Two:
God's Goodness in Christ, Spirit, Salvation, the Church, and Last Things

These notes are not finished yet, but I do have four color charts illustrating the relationship between justification, sanctification, and assurance according to Romanism, Lordless Salvationism, Hyper-Lordshipism, and Reformational/Biblical theology.


Lordless Salvation