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1961 Nash Metropolitan

I inherited this little older-restoration convertible from my dad after he passed from this earthly life on April 30, 2017. That year we replaced the tired 1500 cc motor with a freshly-rebuilt 1800 from a 1963 MGB (courtesy of Coventry Motors in Phoenix, AZ). This nearly doubled the horsepower as the Metropolitan came stock with a 1.5 liter motor producing 52 horsepower. We retained the original 3 speed manual transmission and 4:22 rear end. The car weighs approx. 1850 pounds and has a 10.6 gallon fuel tank.

I decided to forego putting a stereo system in the car, at least for now. Instead I fabricated a mount for a JBL bluetooth speaker.

1991 Jeep Wrangler Renegade

After I decided to sell my Porsche I saw the need for a vehicle I could drive year-round. I've always wanted a Jeep and came across this one which was for sale in north-central PA in the Fall of 2016. 4.0 straight six; 4" lift and 33" tires. Basically rust-free with all the cool features I wanted.

1997 Yamaha V-Max SOLD, FALL OF 2021

The V-Max had been my dream bike for a dozen years before I acquired this one on September 8, 2011. Between the bad economy and impending winter, I was able to get a great deal on this 15,000 mile bike in excellent condition.

I sold the bike in the Fall of 2021 because I no longer enjoyed riding. In fact, I was downright paranoid out on the road, a by-product of my devastating car crash on Christmas Eve. 2015. Giana loved to ride and it was also a painful reminder of her.

All of the cars I've owned, past and present

Sensing a need for a year-round vehicle to replace the Ford Explorer, I sold the 924 in the Fall of 2017.




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